TrackIR Patch v1.1

DID’s Air Dominance Fighter and Total Air War.
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2009-06-18 F22 TrackIR Patch v1.1.7z
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readme.txt wrote:June 18th, 2009

This patch adds native TrackIR support to DID's F22 Total Air War (2 DOFs)
To use this patch simply extract the contents of this zip file to a temporary folder, then copy the f22.dll file to your TAW folder.
Then copy either the Glide or D3D f22.dat files to the same folder, overwriting the original one.

Also ensure you have run the 'Game Update' under Naturalpoint's software and 'F22 Total Air War' appears as one of the supported games.

Disabling the TrackIR (F9 default key in Naturalpoint's software) will allow you to use the keyboard panning keys and access the full screen HUD F1 view.

This release removes the issue of not being able to see behind the 3/9 line. The change is in the f22.dll file only so replacing this file in a current install is all that is necessary.

Any queries or questions I can be contacted on the SimHQ forum under 'Formski'.
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