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Funny little thing:
  1. Start the Takeoff Training mission.
  2. Immediately start your engines.
  3. As fast as you can, taxi out into the desert.
  4. Before the clock hits 10:00:14, eject (Shift+Esc,Esc).
  5. Your F-22 will be stuck on the ground for a few seconds while your chute opens.
  6. Then, it will magically (and physically impossible) turn around, roll back to the hangar … (by now, you may want to use SmartView F12 to watch it)
  7. … then it’ll roll on to the runway, and fly the entire mission all by itself!
This bug can already be seen in ADF … pretty funny if you encounter it by accident.

The game seems to interpret a plane on the ground with no player in it AI-controlled. Getting the tower message “clear for taxi to runway” triggers its AI, even though you already ejected.
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