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The sequel to Epic, and can be still bought as a bundle (with Epic) from GOG.

Unfortunately, all our game investigators are busy right now, so here's some background music while you wait...

While I'd never heard of 'Alien Sex Fiend', they weren't completely unknown although they heyday seems to be few years before DiD or Ocean hired them to do the soundtrack.
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Making Of (had just been posted to Discord; much better image quality than the one we already knew)
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Yes, that's much better quality (and not dubbed in French) so a great improvement.
It might even be possible to discern some of the code from early on in the video.

On march 7th 2021, I started an Inferno thread on Combatsim, which only contained one post relating to the game, so I'll recreate it here:
While I've never actually played this game, it has recently appeared for sale on GOG so I've blown $3.55 to obtain a copy.
Some years ago, another copy appeared on my hard drive from elsewhere.
There are a lot of common files:
gog_inf.png (12.14 KiB) Viewed 222 times
What GOG seem to have done is package did.dat and the music into a 107MB BIN/CUE disk image, then add the music again in its own folder.
This results in a total size of some 325MB, which is over 300MB larger than the directory on the right.

This game came out after TFX, and did.dat can be extracted using the same rules.

The two files 'clump_3.txt' and 'clump_ss.txt' contain lists of shapes and supershapes and that gives us names of over half of the 5500 or so files straight away.
A few minutes looking through some extracted text files also gives us some level names.

The levels are 200x200 maps as in TFX, and I've produced a bitmap from planet1.asc below together with a couple of ships.
inferno.png (123.92 KiB) Viewed 222 times
The ships are using a TAW palette, so probably don't really look like that.

Anyway, I don't want to get carried away with this, so will stop for now. :)
Since I wrote that, I now recognize those ships from EPIC but they've been upgraded to the later 3D system and 3View can display them,
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