TAW Demo

DID’s Air Dominance Fighter and Total Air War.
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TAW Demo

Post by mikew »

On the Wargasm CD, there is a playable demo of TAW.
Wargasm came out practically the same time as TAW, so the demo version probably isn't much help to us, although did.dat is dated 10 days later than my original file and slightly larger.
The main game exe f22.dat has a timestamp for the morning of the 26h August 1998.

That's probably as far as I'll go with this unless there's a huge demand for extra information. :D
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Re: TAW Demo

Post by Krishty »

At some point in the future, I’d be happy to analyze the did.dat differences, if only to get a “definitive” edition of TAW or find some trivia.

For when this time comes, I found this TAW demo on the Internet Archive: PC Gamer Cover CD 63 B (disk 2) (1998-12)

Maybe some day you can check whether it is identical to yours!
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