30th Anniversary Edition

Running EF2000 on modern systems!
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Post by mikew »

With the recent-ish discussions about Dosbox on Discord, I've been thinking about what it might take to produce a new version of this but this time including the game. Back in 2013 I was dead against that, but there don't appear to have been any repercussions with TAW2.30.

EF2000 came out in late 1995, so we've got over 3 years to meet the 30th anniversary deadline.
Anyway, I've started a thread about it at least. :)

EDIT: The first post with the download link ought to be stickied in case more threads get started.
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Post by Krishty »

Excellent idea 🤩
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Post by Scorpion82 »

Sounds good, albeit I'm satisfied with the current version. I have thought about writing a dedicated flight manual for EF2000. Not the manual, not the strategy guide, but something that's more akin to a real flight manual.
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