Robocop 3

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Robocop 3

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I'm not sure whether this came out before or after EPIC, but shares some characteristics of later games in terms of the way the data files are packaged but the extracted files have more in common with EPIC.
As this is a franchise game, I don't want to incur the wrath of Orion Pictures' legal department by digging in too deep. ;)

Anyway, the data archive robo.dat contains 903 files. There is an index on the end with 4 bytes for the filename hash, and 4 bytes for the file size. The offsets needs to be calculated, but the 'payload' files are arranged in the same order as the list.
The filename hash algorithm is slightly different to that for the next game, TFX.
Most files are 'RA' compressed, but my decompressor dll fails for a lot of them. Probably a bug in the way I created the 64bit dll from the original code, but strange in that I haven't seen this with other dat files.

The .3 files have some new opcodes, 000c, 001a & 001b at least. These are just ignored for now.
I can reuse the EPIC conversion code to give an idea what the models look like, although with palette issues.

That'll do for now. We can look into it in more detail if the demand is there. :D
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