🔴 OPEN BUG:EF2000 Ground Collision Detection

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🔴 OPEN BUG:EF2000 Ground Collision Detection

Post by Krishty »

In EF2000, go to the far North and find the icebergs:

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In their close surrounding, you can’t hit the ground and can’t crash into the sea.

EF2000, in contrast to F22, does not provide collision data for the sea – sea tiles have no collision triangles in their SSD at all. TFXplorer detects that and, for these tiles, provides a hard-coded quad to crash into.

It seems like this is not triggered here because the icebergs do provide some collision triangles (for the icebergs), so TFXplorer does not create the dummy for the sea.

We may have to create that dummy quad in every tile, regardless of the presence of other collision triangles, which I would like to avoid due to the performance implications. (Mind that collisions are currently terribly slow.)
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