DID EF2000 Games Collection

DID’s most popular flight simulation.
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Post by Menrva »

Hi, gents! As previously shared on Discord, this package includes all English versions of EF2000 I was able to find and install on a proper Win98 system thanks to a VM:

Please take note of the following:
  • Super EF2000 Patched isn't really patched. In comparison to the Original, it just includes an additional DID1ST.DAT file recovered from The Patches Scrolls website (apparently meant for French and German releases, released as gfsef.zip). The executable of the game is the same as before, so I doubt this additional .dat file is read by the game.
  • Super EF2000 can be launched without requiring the CD. A "Launch Fix.txt" file is included and explains how to do so.
  • EF2000 v2.0 is the definitive version of the game (in all of its available iterations); the only thing that I dislike about it is the use of American insignia on the Eurofighter while it should really feature British insignia. I wonder if that could be brought back from the other versions.
If you wish to play the games, make sure to rename their directories to shorter names like "EF2000" and "SEF2000" first. With the arbitrary long names I gave them, they might be prone to crashes to desktop in a matter of seconds. Graphics wrappers may also be required.
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Post by Scorpion82 »

Why does SEF2000 requires a CD? My installations always worked without it, unless the partial installation option is selected. I have copies of EF2000 v2.0 DOS and WIN 95 versions, the German EF2000 TACTCOM backed up as ready to copy and use. Did so before I had abandoned my old WIN XP Laptop. Not sure whether I have installed SEF2000, I have the CD though.

Yes the insignias are a bit disturbing. It's probably possible to extract them and replace them.
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Post by mikew »

I believe the problem with the insignia is that planes that are designated NATO have US markings.
While you alter the static missions to change them to BRITISH, and missions generated by the campaign will put them back to NATO again.
So, a well placed hex edit is likely the best solution, to change the index for NATO.
...or just overwrite the US insignia in the texture with the RAF one.
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